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    Windows 8 and no flash player!!


      I have windows 8 and am really struggling to find my way around it, in fact, I hate it.


      My biggest annoyance is being unable to view videos that friends send or post on facebook. It tells me that I need to install flash player yet when I do it says that I already have it incorporated in windows 8 and to do the following checks. ie:

      enable flash player

      make sure that that add ons are on etc.


      I have followed all the steps they suggest and still I cannot view videos


      Please help, I am really not enjoying this laptop with its windows 8 and am struggling!!


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          Mike M Level 6

          Double check ActiveX filtering per the instructions here:ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer


          Two tidbits of advice:
          1. I don't use IE for ANTYHING but testing web pages. It s-u-c-k-s and I hate it.  Download Firefox and use it for your default browser. You'll like it far more than words can describe.

          2. Microsoft is releasing Windows 8.1 this Friday. If you hate Windows 8, you'll want to avoid 8.1 like the plague. DO NOT let Windows update install that junk on your laptop or you'll be tossing it out a window shortly afterward.