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    Animating Text


      I'm brand new to FW CS3 and I want to create animated GIFs of the alphabet. PLEASE help/direct me on how to achieve this. What I want to do is:

      1) start off with the outline of a letter on a transparent background (easily done with the stroke as black and fill as transparent)
      2) fill in the letter from the correct starting point so it looks like it is being written (this is the part I cannot figure out)
      3) it ends up with a filled outline as the finished written letter (easily done with the stroke and fill as black)

      How can I take a typed letter (made with text tool) and erase some parts of it? When I click on the erase tool I cannot erase text.

      Thanks in advance for your expertise!

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          JoeDaSilva Level 4
          Text elements are not bitmap graphics, that's why you cant erase them ;-). Double click the container box that your text is in, and delete elements from it just like you would in any other text editor.

          As for your animation, you might want to look into Adobe Flash. What you're trying to do is really much too complicated to do with an animated GIF.