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    Premiere Pro CS6 won't recognize alpha channel in .tiff file from photoshop

    Lady Novarose

      Hey Everyone,




          I'm new to Premiere Pro, but I have used Final Cut Pro 6-7. Anyway, I created a 3D text design in Photoshop to use on top of another photo in a video in Premiere. In Photoshop, the alpha channel appears fine. In Premiere Pro it is not recognized. Instead, a white background appears where the alpha channel should be. When I layered the 3D text on top of a photo (in Premiere Pro), the white still appears around the 3D text design. After I imported the file, I did click on the .tiff file and clicked on modify---->interpret footage----->alpha channel (where I deselected ignore alpha channel). Premiere Pro still does not recognize the alpha channel. Should I convert the Photoshop file to another format or is there something I'm not doing? I'm spending more time trying to figure this out than I am on putting this short video/photo slide show together. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer.