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    Mousemove issues


      I want to control one symbols timeline by using mousemove after the animation before it plays (it is a zoom in of an object then a 360 degree animation, I only want the mousemove to control the 360 animation). There are other things on the stage that I don't want controlled by the mousemove either. This is a problem because the only solution I have found is this...




      this.onMove(e.pageX, epageY);




      this.onMove=function(posX, posY){

      timelinecontrol = Number(posX)*5;





      I am new to Edge so the simpler the better. Thanks!

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          Hi LizJablon,


          We use a boolean variable intro set to true while the  initial zoom animation is playing.


          Stage > document.compositionReady event handler :


          sym.setVariable("intro", true);


          Stage @ 2500 ms trigger (end of the initial zoom)


          sym.setVariable("intro", false);


          Stage > Stage.mousemove event handler :


          We prevent processing until intro animation is complete :


          if (sym.getVariable("intro"))





          e.pageX is the horizontal position. The scene being width 600 pixels, subtracting 300 gives a value in interval ] -300, 300 [ :


          var angleValue = e.pageX -300;


          We add 360 to the angle value if it's negative, which gives a positive value for the same angle :


          angleValue = angleValue < 0 ? angleValue +360 : angleValue;


          The angle element displays the angle value :


          sym.$('angle').text( angleValue);


          The rotatingDisk symbol is a 360 ms timeline of a 360° rotation of a disk :


          sym.getSymbol('rotatingDisk').stop( angleValue);


          Could not make it simpler


          You can download the example file here : https://app.box.com/s/jsxorqg8hjdo9s0bp2q7



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