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    Running Premiere on 32bits WXP or 32bits W7?


      Well I got a copple of questions that some of you might be able to help with.


      Here's the thing; I've been running with Sony Vegas on W7 64 bits, with 2GB of ram and Six Core processor, the thing is it's pretty slow, the whole thing, with my 1TB disk almost full the PC is really slow.



      So , first of all I want to start using Premiere, seccondly I want to change my OS, wich could be either Windows xp 32bits or Windows 7 32 bits.


      The thing is, is there any version of Premiere & after effects that runs on Windows XP 32 bits or preferently on Windows 7 32 bits? If it is so could you tell me wich one?


      And the other thing, does that version of Premiere that should install has the Multi-Cam editing feature on it? When you have the same footage from various cammera and then you sync them up and play the video and while you're watching you just click and select the footage from the different cammeras?