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    Anti Flicker Filter?

    StanWelks Level 1

      In CS6, I am scaling and moving a graphic that has some horizontal lines in it. As it is scaling and moving, it seems to flicker. I turned on the Anti Flicker keyframe stopwatch and boosted the amount up, though I do not see a difference.


      1. How can I prevent my graphics from flickering when scaling/moving them?

      2. Am I using the Anti Flicker filter incorrectly?



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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try the flicker removal in the Field Options.

          If its an interlaced timeline you can deinterlace in the Field Options.

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            StanWelks Level 1

            1. What are the Field Options?

            2. By "interlaced timeline" do you mean the Sequence?

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              1. rightclick on the clip/still in the timeline.

              2. yes.

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                StanWelks Level 1

                Depending on the how the footage was shot will determine if it is interlaced or progressive. What if you are working with still images? Are these interlaced or progressive and can you change them in Photoshop one way or the other?

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                  Level 4

                  Sometimes theres a sort ot optical illusion that is called a moire effect ( some people use the word aliasing but that is not the same .. I mention aliasing only cause some searches on google will give you info on moire stuff if you ask it about aliasing ).  If you view your image at 100% and you are getting the moire its pretty much impossible to get rid of it...IMO.  When scaling and moving something that has a moire pattern it will appear to flicker....


                  A till photo example of the moire is below.. the small image .....see the building on the right side with the weird pattern on it ???  When the image is bigger that pattern becomes less notiiceable.. when the image is REALLY big the pattern goes away...and you just see the vertical parallel lines of the skyscraper.... DSLR's have a moire problem in video sometimes due to some technical issues.. you have to google this stuff and get that sort of info....






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                    bogiesan Level 4

                    Scaling requires moving and placing pixels and subpixels between the lines. If your image has detail that consists of a single pixel, in one frame it will be two pixels, in the next it might be two and a half, in the next it might five and a quarter. Those odd numbers and fractions must be converted to completely full pixels and that causes some fo them to flicker in and out of existence as the scale progresses.

                    The easiest solution has often been to apply a 0.5 or 1.0 blur effect. This causes adjacent pixels to be blended and compressed into one.

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                      If I remember what I read about this problem of so - called " flicker "... which might be moire or might be aliasing...depending on what it is being caused by... which gets kinda wanky and complicated ( eg. video from DSLR as opposed to still images ... eg. dropping some info from full chip to every other line for 1080p etc )... the " gaussian blur" is the thing to use.