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    animationlife Level 1

      Hello Everyone.

      First of all, Thank you very much for all your helps, I really appreciate It very much.


      After finishing editing that contains all your Cuts, and Effects, and Music's,  Is It better,  To Save the entire sequence to a High quality file by Checking the Match Sequence Setting, and Later create the D.V.D, or any other formats, from that File. Or It Is better, to create the D.V.D's, and other Format from the original Edited Sequence ?


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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          That depends on the versions of software that you are using, but if you are using CS6 then the link between Premiere Pro and Encore can be used to avoid exporting first.


          However, a lot of people seem to avoid that link and export anyway.


          In any case, instead of exporting to match your sequence settings, you can export to the appropriate DVD file format using one of the export presets.

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you use Match Sequence Settings it uses the Preview codec which is not always desirable.

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              SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

              Yes, avoid exporting using "Match Sequence Settings". Most camera formats are highly compressed with lossy quality, not something you want to "Master" to.


              On the Mac platform, export to ProRes 422 or HQ for a master. It uses 4:2:2 color and high data rate "visually lossless" compression.


              On PC, install a free codec such as Lagarith, UT, or Avid DNxHD. Another option is the Matrox MPEG-2 I-Frame HD codec available here - http://www.matrox.com/video/en/support/windows/vfw_software_codecs/downloads/softwares/ver sion1.0/build33/


              The first three codecs are probably a higher quality, but also produce larger files, and depending on the quality of your source they may not look any better than Matrox.


              If you don't want to keep all the original clips and project stored and you know that no re-editing will be needed later, then creating a Master clip is a good archival practice and you can later export to any format from that clip. As for making DVDs later, I would suggest making a DVD from the original project, and save as a Disc Image (.iso file) and that can be used to quickly make DVD copies later using any free DVD burning utility, no need for Encore at that point.




              Jeff Pulera

              Safe Harbor Computers

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                animationlife Level 1

                Dear Steaven.


                First of all , Thanks for introduced me to the Camera Raw, and PP, In the past Discussions.

                I am using PPCC..  And shooting Canon 5D, 1920 by 1080, and I am a PC user. I was watching this Tutorial on Lynda.com, and That's what the Instructor Advised, to check that setting to get the best quality.


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                  animationlife Level 1

                  Dear SAFEHARBOR 11


                  Is the matrox MPEG-21, Is similar to AVI.

                  also, I did go to the matrox link you provided, there are so many which one do you recommend for PC?

                  So If I Install It Is Is going to show up in ppcc


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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    Assuming the Master file is lossless (which you almost certainly won't get by using Match Sequence Settings), then there's no difference in quality if you make the DVD from that or from the sequence directly.  Use whichever work flow you prefer.


                    But again, that only works for a lossless Master file.

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                      SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

                      The Matrox codec does show up as an .avi format, editable/playable in any app once the codec is installed. Also supports alpha channel, which is a good format for rendering Digital Juice content that uses overlay.




                      Jeff Pulera

                      Safe Harbor

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                        animationlife Level 1

                        Dear Safeharbor11

                        Thank you very much.


                        I have Installed the Matrox MPEG-21 In my computer, and when I want to Export as a  .AVI, I do see many settings Inside the Video Codec Box
                        I have attached the Screen Shot of the Codecs, please look at It, and let me know which one you recommend for the best quality.

                        Also, you explained earlier, that I can Install other Codecs, such as Lagarith, Ut, or AvidDNxHD, and they may be higher quality, but Larger file.


                        I noticed With .AVI you can only get the 720 by 480 quality.


                        Do you think Matrox MPEG-21 Is not as good as the above Codecs ?

                        Once again thanks a lot for your help.