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    Seeking sequence timeline help, please

    DREWnetwork Level 1

      After some CC update -- the audio tracks of video clips aren't staying connected to the video clips in the Premiere Pro CC sequence timeline.  Meaning, if I grab a video clip in the sequence timeline and move it somewhere or cut it -- the corresponding audio track just sits there and doesn't move or get edited.  This results in a new nightmare of having to move the audio and video clips separately on the sequence timeline.  Relative to previous versions of Premiere -- I'd described this problem as all audio tracks not linked to their corresponding video clip.


      Yes, they're all "linked."  That appears to have no effect.


      I'm assuming some new feature was added that I don't understand -- and I'm very, very grateful if anyone can tell me how to solve this issue and get back to the wonderful world of truly linked video-audio clips.


      Thank you.