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    Flex Builder vs Eclipse Plugin

      Hi All,

      New to Flex and am currently working on PHP and java projects using Eclipse. I would love to be able to utilize one IDE for all my projects but don't want to sacrifice solid Flex support (mxml, design view ect...).

      How does the Eclipse plug-in compare with Flex Builder (what do I loose if I use the Eclipse plug-in)?

      Any comments much appreciated.


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          Flex bulder seems to be just an eclipse installation with the plugin already there for you, so you shouldnt loose anything by using just the plugin

          However i did find when using using the flex plugin in combination with all the other development plugins i had going it made eclipse grind to a crashing halt every 20mins. Increasing the eclipse jvm memory limits helped, but didnt fully solve my crashing problem

          If you want to incorporate all your development into one eclipse then increase the eclipse jvm memory and give it a try, if it is going too slow then use the stand alone builder

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            peterent Level 2
            I use the Flex plugin to Eclipse. I like having the additional Eclipse features (eg, Java compiler). The Flex features are identical to the standalone version. There are some minor differences in what menus are available and where some commands are located, but that's it. You may find adding new Eclipse plugins easier to do with the real Eclipse.

            The standalone version is great for first-time users and will serve you well if all you want to do is use Flex.