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    Possible graphics card issue?


      Hello Everyone,


      Recently i just bought a Mac Book Pro Retina and started using Premiere Pro CC. At first everything was working great, this is my first time working with an nvidia based graphics card opposed to my mac pro with the ATI 5770. Anyway,i have been doing some basic projects and while im editing i will notice that the preview screen will just turn white in the middle of some of my edits and i will have to quit PP and re open it to eliminate the weird glitch.. I have my CUDA acceleration enabled too. The reason i think this is related to the graphics card is because a while back i tried adding my ATI 5770 to the open CL list of supported cards on my mac pro, while i got the little hack to work, i noticed weird issues like this. But the graphics card in my MBP is the nvidia 650M which is already supported so i did not do any prior hack like i did in my mac pro to casue something like this.


      MBP Specs:

      NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1GB

      16Gb Ram


      2.7ghz (3.7 turbo boost)



      Any ideas?