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    Some Tiff files will open in ACR, some not


      Hello everyone,

      I have tried and read on several posts before posting here to get the solution but nothing foudn till now.

      I have LR 5.2 and PS CS6.

      RAW files are being managed, worked and converted into Tiff (uncompressed, ProPhoto RGB profile, 350dpi) from Lightroom and then imported in CS6 for further adjusted and layer works, etc..


      Some files will be opened via ACR before being opened by CS6 and then some days before, they will just open directly into CS6.

      I have checked some settings in LR like " Include Develop Settings in metadata inside JPEG...." which is UNCHECKED/DISABLED and "Automatically write changes in XMP" is CHECKED/ENABLED.

      What could be doing this or what could i have messed somewhere?

      your help and support well appreciated.



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          RASouthworth Level 3

          If a tiff or jpeg file is modified inside of ACR, the non-destructive editing results are saved inside of the tiff or jpeg file, equivalent to a .xmp sidecar file except internal.  Photoshop will "see" this data inside of an ACR modified tiff or jpeg and open the file in ACR instead of directly into Photoshop.


          The ACR editing data can be cleared out of the file in Bridge (right click, Develop Settings, Clear Settings), after which it will again open directly into Photoshop without going first to ACR.


          Richard Southworth

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            My experience with camera raw is somewhat limited because I do most of my raw work in Lightroom.  But I have found that when opening non-raw images from Bridge, opening the first time I have to choose to open in camera raw.  After that, if the file has been opened previously in camera raw it will automatically do so if I open it again from Bridge.


            In my normal Lightroom workflow, camera raw is completely bypassed when I send an image to Photoshop.  So I guess my question to you is, are you exporting from Lightroom and then managing those tiff images from Bridge?

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              B-13 Level 1

              Hello everyone,

              Apologize for taking so long to revert back but i was out of the country and busy with the end of year work load.


              I will describe my workflow for you to get a better idea of the issue am having.

              - I take files (Canon CR2. RAW files) from the memory card (Canon 500D, Canon 70D) then copy to my computer / HDD

              - Import these same files withing lightroom for selection/rating/etc.. at this stage the .xmp files have already been written beside the .CR2 files as i have a preset for lens correction on import.

              - I will then work on the RAW files inside LR 5 for minor adjustments, and then export them in TIFF format.

              - I then open PS CS6 then open the TIFF file.

              - Some files will open directly in PS while others may open via the ACR window before then i will click on open image to get it in PS.

              - I do my adjustments and advanced editing in PS then save the files in same format.

              - LR will see the adjustments done outside of LR and i will import the one from disk (to get the changes i made from PS)


              This is my usual workflow and i would like to know if LR and PS use the same .xmp files to store the changes done?

              Why some files which get the same treatment inside LR opens without getting through ACR window and some will?


              Do you need more info? Please let me know and thank you in advance for the support.



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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Photoshop itself does not write or read XMP data. By the time the image is opened in Photoshop it is no longer raw image data. So "Photoshop" does not use the same XMP file, nor does it use any XMP file.


                My normal workflow is to use Lightroom as my primary postprocessing tool, and then use the "Edit in Photoshop" option to create and send the image to Photoshop. In that transfer, Camera Raw is utilized to interpret the changes that you have made in Lightroom, but by the time the image is actually open in Photoshop you are beyond the point where XMP files are utilized.


                I'm not sure why some of your TIF images will open in Camera Raw while others won't. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps those that will open received more treatment in Lightroom. But your workflow is a little bit awkward from my perspective. I don't export TIF images and then do everything else in Photoshop. I prefer the way I do it because that keeps everything in Lightroom, which is where I prefer to manage all my images.

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  TIF files that have already been opened in ACR or LR will have “settings” stored in the TIF header (the same info as in an XMP sidecar file for raws) and those will open in ACR on the way into PS if you have your CR preference in PS set to do this.  TIFs that have not been touched in LR or ACR will open in PS w/o going through ACR. 


                  I wonder if adding or changing a rating on one of your TIFs in LR is enough to write “settings”; otherwise, you may be intentionally adjusting your TIFs in LR and aren’t remembering.