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    Set Composition In and Out Points

    Chris Molland



      I'm sure this is simple but a new look to CS6 has thrown me!


      Say I have created a composition named 'MasterComp' which comprises several layers of Footage. I now want to place frames 100 to 300 of MasterComp within a new composition named Comp01, how do I do this?


      I used to simply double-click MasterComp in the Project panel and then in the preview window set the time to 100 using the timeline and click the 'In Point' button. I would repeat this to set the 'Out Point' and then drag the MasterComp from the Projects pallete into my Comp01 panel.


      There appears to be no timeline in CS6 when previewing a composition along with the associated ability to set the in/out point.


      Any guidance would be very helpful.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The interface is the same. The timeline did not go away. Try resetting your workspace. Show us a screen shot of the problem. Composition in and out points are set with the composition settings or by trimming the comp to the work area set in the timeline. You could have also hidden columns in the timeline but I'm not sure because I can not see what you are seeing.

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            Chris Molland Level 1

            Hello Rick


            Thanks for your thoughts. Perhaps I was not clear. If I remember correctly, in CS5.5 I could double-click a composition to preview it and there would be a timeline beneath it so that I could scrub up and down and set the in/out points. I have reset my Standard Workspace and there is no timeline beneath a Composition when previewed. There is, however, for a Footage item.


            Composition Settings only lets me adjust the Start Frame and Duration. I don't want to make a global change to the composition, simply set an in and out point for the composition's use when placed within another composition.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              There have been no such changes in that area of the user itnerface. Show us a screenshot of what you're seeing.

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                Chris Molland Level 1

                Hello Todd


                I have finally solved it. I simply need to drag my MasterComp into Comp01 and then alt-double-click MasterComp to preview the Layer, or right-click and select Open Layer. Now I can set the in and out points.