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    Trying to understand, being prompted the file compression rules on saving, or not




      I'm trying to understand something, could I ask for your help, please ?


      After working on a jpg file, when I want to save it, still as jpg, with my Photoshop CS5,

      - sometimes photoshop will just save the picture, and it's done

      - sometimes photoshop will show me the compression dialog, "JPEG Options", in which I can choose the compression ratio, the format options (baseline, baseline optimized, progressive), and have an estimation of the total file size


      While not being prompted any dialog is simpler, and I'll then simply assume Photoshop decides to retain the current image's compression and format rules, I must say I like to be in control, and I'd like to know under what form the file is being saved without having to resort to the much more complex "Save For Web" menu.


      Please, would you know WHAT "triggers" the appearance of the JPEG Options when we close/save a jpeg file, in photoshop ? What makes this menu not to appear, what makes it appear ?

      If there are trivial file operations/changes/filters that necessarily trigger its appearance when we want to save, something like that ? I've tried a variety of these, but I still can't figure it out, sometimes it shows in the end, and sometimes it doesn't.


      Thank you very much if you can help me

      Kind regards,