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    Copying an existing sequence to a new one and preserving audio fades


      I have some standard definition sequences (scaled down although the footage is HD) and now to need to convert them HD. So far I have been simply copying and pasting the old sequences to the new and then scaling up all the clips however I loose audio keyframes when I do that: eg fades in and out and level drops of music under narration etc that all done onthe faders inthe audio mixer in "write" mode.


      Is there anyway to copy to a new sequence and preserve the above audio? Or Change the existing sequence settings?


      You may ask why didn't I edit in HD in the first place with the reason being it is a TV series for SD only, but is now going to live on in HD on another network so I have learnt my lesson and will edit in HD in the future to begin with! Would love a hand with this as its a huge waste of time doing it all again manually. Cheers Rob.