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    Dynamic and Static Content in Flowed Subforms




      I have to print some Dynamic and some Static content in my form.


      I have created a Flowed Subfrom (SF_MAIN) and made all the Subforms(SF1,SF2,SF3...) in it as flowed, so that one subform starts after the ending of other.


      Now my scenario is that, after the first flowed Subform(SF1 Sales Information), the second Subform(S2 Sales Sub Category) contains some static data as shown as subcategories and dymanic data as category numbers. After this third Subform is also there.


      The dyamic part is shown in gray which will repeat for each line item.



      Now for SF2, I am making the dynamic part subform(say SF2_A) as flowed, for body row, which is working fine. But for static part I am making it as positioned (SF2_B). Now the flowed subform(SF2_A) and positioned(SF2_B) are again wrapped in a positioned Subform(say SF2_P), so that the place for all the contents remain as required. In last I am again wrapping (SF2_P) into a flowed subform(SF2_F).


      Now if SF2_A flows for 10 line items, SF3 should start after that, but it is starting after SF2_F which is not flowing for that 10 line items, hence overlapping SF3.


      How to make this SF3 to start after the completion of SF2_A(Dynamic part for Subcategory)?