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    How do I embed a small video into a larger video screen?


      Adobe Premier Elements 10 for a MacBook Pro Mountain Lion OS 10.8.5


      For my ski club, I'm making a short single 3 min video with footage from 3 different camera's.  The video frames from one camera are 320 px by 280 px and the frames from the other two cameras are 640 px by 480 px and when shown full screen on a monitor, the footage from the two 640 px by 480 px cameras look OK (if not great) but the footage from the 320 px by 280 px is obviously grainy.  I would like to embed the smaller into the larger at 50% so that the picture will be sharper, even though just filling up half the screen.  Help please.  This is for the upcoming ski show and I need it by Sunday, Oct 20.   Thanks.  DRThiess

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          With your Premiere Elements 10 Mac,


          a. have you set your project preset for NTSC DV Standard


          b. have you imported your 640 x 480 video into this NTSC DV Standard project via Get Media/Files and Folders and now have it on Video track 1.


          c. have you then imported your 320 x 280 into this same project and placed it on Video track 2 above the Video track 1 content


          d. have you then scaled the selected 320 x 280 on Video Track 2 using either

          ....Properties Palette/Motion Panel expanded and its Scale slider (check mark next to Constrain Proportions)


          ....Click on Monitor to bring up the bound box of the image and then clicking and dragging on one of the handles of the bounding box to scale the image


          There are also some PiPs (Picture in Picture Effects) under Edit Header/Presets that you might want to explore. They are for 25% and 40%, but are adjustable.


          Please let us know if any of the above worked for you or if you need supplemental information.


          Thank you.