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    Server Monitoring Feature Unavailable - CF10 Standard




      We have recently undergone the process of installing ColdFusion 10 Standard on our new server, and were looking to test performance across the two.


      Within the ColdFusion Administrator, Server Monitoring>Settings and Server Monitoring>Server Monitor, I receive the message, "This feature is not available in this edition of the ColdFusion server.


      Under System Information the version is listed as and up to date. The server itself is running Windows Server 2008 R2.


      This was the original article to configure server monitoring.


      However I then ended up with another article, which involved editing neo-monitoring.xml (linked in previous), which did not appear to do anything.


      If someone can shed some light on why I am getting this error, as it says the standard version only limits use of the monitoring API, that would be much appreciated.