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    Different actions for a symbol based on timeline?

    ladobeugm Level 1

      So I was wondering if there was some way to do this instead of placing the same symbol on the stage over and over again.


      Let's say I have a text object on my stage that says CLICK HERE. And I assigned a click action on it. Simple, right?


      Now let's say I assign that action at the beginning of my timeline. At 0. Now at 1000, I want the click action to be different. And then I want yet another different click action at 2000. And so on. Get it?


      What I'm wondering about is if I can assign different click actions (or any actions) to a symbol based on where it is on the timeline instead of bringing out the same symbol over and over again. Flash has something like this where I can assign a frame action like symbol.getURL("http://adobe.com/"); on one frame and something else on a different keyframe. Can I do something similar in An without having to constantly bring in the same symbol and doing a lot of show/hide's to the other symbols?