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    Download Incomplete?


      Before installation, the program did not ask for "full privileges approval".  After download/installation the e-reader did not ask for "computer authorization".  It also did not ask me to create an "ID".  I went to the Adobe site and created the ID after which a confirmatrion email was sent to me which I clicked to confirm.  Yes, I was on-line during the download and installation.  Before the installation I disabled the Adobe Reader installed on my system and has since re-enabled the reader.  My question is that since the Adobe Digital e-reader edition (2.0) does open, and I have created an ID, what else should I do before attempting to either borrow or purchase any books?

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          You must make sure Digital Editions (ADE) knows about your Adobe ID.

          1. Open ADE.
          2. Just in case, hit ctrl-shift-D (cmd-shift-D on Mac) to remove any wrong ideas it may have about the old registration.  Confirm any prompts that come up.
          3. Restart ADE, probably unnecessary but just in case.
          4. Register your Adobe ID.  One ADE2.0 that is menu/Help/Authorize Computer.  On the older, more reliable ADE1.7.2, menu/Library/Authorize Computer.
          5. Restart ADE, probably unnecessary but just in case.
          6. If you have an ereader device, plug it in.
          7. And register it, using menu/Help/Authoize Device (or menu/Library/Authoize Device)


          Good luck with it....