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    CS6: Exporting to Interactive PDF Freezes


      Hi guys, I'm relatively new with InDesign and currently I'm having a problem with exporting to interactive pdf. My version is CS6 8.0.1


      I'm drafting a booklet for a school and each page looks something like this:




      The picture here shows page  28-29 (top) and 30-31 (bottom). Each of these are linked AI files. These AI files have linked jpegs or psd files in them, with types and basic vector objects.


      Then I tried exporting to interactive pdf -->





      however, InDesign keeps freezing around these page ranges:




      I cannot click cancel nor anything except force quitting InDesign. Tried again, same thing happened. I thought maybe I was too hasty so I went to grab dinner which took about 30 minutes. Walked back into my room, InDesign never completed the export, so I force it to quit again.


      After a few times, I'd thought the problem could be with the AI links in page range 30-31 where it keeps getting stuck. I experimented by deleting 4 linked AI files on top of page 30-31:





      And now I can export to interactive PDF successfully. I opened up the pdf with Acrobat Reader and everything seems normal.


      So I'd figure that there's a problem with one (or more) of the four removed linked AI files. But just to be sure, I tried exporting it again [i]without the 4 linked files[/i]. This time though, the same problem occured - InDesign freezes while exporting PDF and I can't do nothing but force quit the program.


      I then tried exporting page 1-29 by itself (the range which seems to be fine) multiple times - no problem. I've exported page 1-29 five successive times in a roll with no problem.


      Then I tried exporting page 30-35 (the rest of the book), then here's what confused me even more. I can export it successfully the first time. The second time though, InDesign freezes again.


      I then tried exporting page 30-35 over and over to see get a feel of ratio between successful vs failure. The result is erratic. I failed once, then successfully exported page 30-35 three times in a roll. After getting three successful export, I tried exporting the whole book again - to my surprise, this time it went through. Checked the pdf with Acrobat Reader, everything looks fine. Then I tried exporting the whole book once more, and again, it's successul. However, the third time I tried exporting the whole book, the program freezes again.


      Now I'm not even sure what to think. What is root of the problem? Is it InDesign itself, or is it the linked AI files toward the end of the book? To give you more information:


      - the first 29 pages are not entirely consisted of linked AI files unlike page 30-35. Page 1-29 overall is lighter while Page 30-35 consists off linked AI files that take more space

      - I've updated all the links. There's no links with triangle + exclamantion.

      - I use iMac 10.8.5 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB


      I can continue working for now since I've successfully exported a copy for my client, but it bounds to happen again. Any advice is appreciated, thank you!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Start by updating to InDesign CS6 8.0.2.

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            amphreded Level 1

            Hi Steve, thank you for your quick answer. I've clicked update under the help menu and AAM tells me that  apps are all-up-date while they certainly aren't. I opened up Illustrator and just realized my school's version is still at 16.0.0. Tried using updates in Illustrator... same thing, "Your applications are all up-to-date".


            Then I manually downloaded the newest patches for InDesign and Illustrator, but when I dismounted the disks and double click on AdobePatchInstaller, I get the following:


            Screenshot of Adobe Application Manager (10:15:13 2:22 AM).png


            Please advice.

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              amphreded Level 1

              not sure where the picture went through or not, let me try again:


              Screenshot of Adobe Application Manager (10:15:13 2:22 AM).png


              Basically the message is:

              "Update Failed"

              "Updates could not be applied"

              "This patch is not applicable for you...."

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                amphreded Level 1

                Hi Salah, thank you for your reply.

                Unfortunately, that isn't the case. I've re-downloaded the patch again just to be sure but still the same - "patch is not applicable for you".

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                  Any answers to this question? I am have similar issues with the install for 8.0.2.

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                    Ankit Kanwara. Adobe Employee

                    The link posted by Salah was for Windows , and as you are on mac try using THIS link .


                    Secondly for your problem I want you to try and save the files as a IDML and see if that helps. If you still get the same issue then try to export these pages to a new documen t and then see if that helps , You can use the pages panel to move pages to a new document.


                    Also if the problem is within the document then the links are not the only culprits, there can be a corrupt text frame, or a bad style applied ect that might cause similar problems, which ideally should be removed with the help of saving as IDML. If not then try removing all content on those few pages and then see if export works.


                    Here is a LINK to a document that might help you in steps that you can try..


                    Hope it helps!!

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                      amphreded Level 1

                      Hi Ankit, thank you for your reply.


                      I've managed to update InDesign to 10.8.5 from 10.8.1

                      I downloaded the newest version of AAM, and after installing it, the updates under help menu in InDesign finally notified me that there were updates to be made.


                      Back on exporting to interactive pdf issue, still doesn't solve the problem.

                      If I export the whole document it keeps freezing; however, if I split by exporting page 28-31 (pages where it usually get stuck) by itself, then exporting the rest without page 28-31, then it works. I can get around it so it's not a big problem anymore, but I'd like to get answers to why InDesign would behave this way. Was the overall file too big so it froze? Would be nice if in the future I don't run into a similar problem - it takes time for me to export different sections of the book to avoid the program freezing, then it takes more time for me to merge two pdfs into one.


                      Here's what I've done so far:


                      - clear InDesign preferences

                      - disable Extensis plug-in

                      - migrate the pages to a new document

                      - update to newest InDesign version

                      - save as IDML then re-export

                      - package, then re-export

                      - first-aid on disk utility on my OSX (no problem found)

                      - delete all unused styles

                      - change all the embedded .ai files to .pdf (not editable)


                      If someone else has any idea, please advice. Thank you