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    Convert 60 fps to 48 fps w/Twixtor, without slowing down?


      Hi there!


      I have footage that has been recorded at 59.94 fps in full HD which I NEED to convert to 47.94  fps, but I don't want to speed up or speed down the footage.


      I tried AE+Twitxtor resulting in the same length but in slow camera.


      Is there a way to convert it without loosing the quality?


      Thanks in advance.


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The easiest way to change the frame rate is just to take your original footage and drop it in a comp with the new frame rate.


          There will be some frame blending and there are 3rd party plug-ins like Twixtor that will help blend the frames. Depending on the shot it can take a lot to make blended frames look good. Look for Advancerd Twixtor tutorials. If Twixtor changed the speed of the playback then you did not set it up properly. You set it to re-time the footage not blend the frames.


          If the new comp is an exacty divisible by the original frame rate then you don't end up with blended frames. For example, if the original footage is 60fps and the new comp is 30 you see every other frame. If the new comp is 15fps you see every 4th frame. If the new comp is 24fps then you are going to end up with blended frames. AE's frame blending option may work just fine, but with some footage this can get really ugly.


          As long as you are rendering to a suitable DI (digital intermediate production codec) you should see no quality loss in the pixels but you may see some odd things going on with the frame blending. These motion artifacts depend entirely on the motion in the footage and the techniques used to overcome frame blending problems.


          I hope this helps. 47.94 is a very odd frame rate for standard delivery. I'm wondering why you chose this frame rate.

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            agustin.uy Level 1

            Thanks for such a complete answer Rick.


            I'm folowing this tutorial, but when I export the file, it results in a slow down camera: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_j4K2_mXzA


            I think I'm forgetting to configure some setting, any advice?


            I'm doing 360° videos, so I need to have the same fps in all videos, due to a mistake one of the cameras is in a higher fps.