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    Applying a template


      My manager asked me to "apply the latest template" to my RH project. The folder withthe "latest template" conains numerous project files including the CSS file. It contains the Language, ScreenLayout, SkinSubFolder, and the SSL folders.


      I believe that simply saving these files and folders over my current project (replacing them) is sufficient for applying the template.


      Am I right, or is there something else special I need to do in order to "apply" the template?


      Another way to ask my question might be: Which elements of a RH project constitute "the template?"  The .css file and the Master Pages?


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Stan


          I think we need to clarify what is meant by "applying the latest template".


          Is the person meaning to adjust the look and feel of the output? If so, those aspects are governed by the skin. The skin controls the visual aspects, such as the colors and icons used.


          Master Pages typically govern whether or not a Header and/or Footer appear on whichever topics are associated with the Master Page.


          CSS governs the look and feel of the text on the page as well as possibly the background image (if any).


          So you really need to ask the manager what they mean by "applying the latest template".


          Cheers... Rick