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    Batch actions in CS5 not running as expected

    BenjyvC Level 1

      I built an Action containing mutlitple steps in CS5 (12.1 x 64, Mac 8-core, 32 GB RAM), these including two filters from NIK Collection, Pre-Sharpener Raw and Dfine. The script then performs a resize and save. When I call this Action script up in Bridge, a window pops up, "The command "image size" is not currently available." I've tried various permutations of this routine, deleting the image size step, only to get, "The command "save" is currently not available." If I run only one NIK filter, the image size and save function properly. I read in the help pages about 3rd part filters needing to be written to support opening multiple files, which isn't what I'm doing, but would that be the issue? I should talk to NIK?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Not every 3rd party plug-in is written to properly save parameters and use them upon Action playback, so it's a possibility that you just may not be able to run those plug-ins via an Action.   I don't know specifically about those you mentioned...  When you expand the recorded Action steps, do you see all the parameters you chose to run the plug-ins properly shown?


          It's also possible you have recorded Action steps that are not generally applicable to the images you're recording.  This may be a case where details matter.  Could you do a screen grab showing your action, with all the steps and parameters expanded?  Perhaps someone here will be able to spot what's wrong.



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            BenjyvC Level 1

            Thanks, Noel. I spoke to support at NIK, they confirmed their filter collection doesn't yet support action scripts calling on their filters more than one at a time. Others have requested the added functionality on future releases, so we'll see. There are other ways to skin this cat (horrible metaphor), but I'm too sold on NIK for pre-sharpening and noise reduction. I'll deal with the extra step for now.