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    help please

    ChrisHumbug Level 1

      Hi. Is it possible to set up a webpage that updates on its own from info in database?


      So all I would need to do is update the database rather than the update the page manually.


      An example of the database would be songs and artists so I add to the database and the page updates from that info.


      Hope this makes sense to someone.


      I'm also a bit numb when it comes to this sort of thing but if you can keep your answers simple that would be great?





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          fortunegreen Level 2

          Hi Chris,


          Web Apps are your friend.


          This may get you started:



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            ChrisHumbug Level 1

            This is going to sound really stupid now but I've gone through what you suggested. I've gone as far as building the Web App. I've put it on a page but when i try and fill in the details on the form I've put on the page it tells me that the item is secure and I need to log in. I've not set anything up anywhere on the website a secure area.


            Is there anything else you can suggest or can you tell me how to fix this?


            Did I say I was a bit thick when it came to this sort of thing.


            Thanks again for your help though

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              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What your asking is not in most systems.

              If you want to update data in the database from a front end perspective you HAVE to login. Otherwise everyone and anyone can update content.

              To update content that updates on a web page in that mannner would be via the web apps and loggin into them and making a web app item and filling in the fields set up.

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