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    What is best BD-R option for price


      I just upgraded from DV to HDV and am getting used to a new AG-AC160A camcorder and Premiere Pro CS5. The learning curve is becoming more costly than expected with the price of BD-R disks. Any thoughts on what the best option is for least expensive, but reliable disks Blu-Ray disks for practicing? I have used Verbatim 25GB 6x. I thought I read somewhere that I should not be using rewritable disks for video. Thank you.

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          its just that some video PLAYERS ( home dvd and blu ray players ) CANNOT play RW discs...

          I have a pretty new polaroid TV ( 720p ) flat screen with a built in DVD player. It cannot play RW discs.


          So if you make discs you have to know if the player can play it... like, say you make a disc for you brother.. ask him if his player can play RW or etc....


          the lowest common denominator is just simple .... no RW....and then the most players will be able to play that disc..


          thats the only reason.


          computers can more or less play everything in comparison to the home stuff...know what I mean ?


          I like verbatim too.... from what I hear most people like that brand.


          good luck


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            I use Optical Quantum BD-REs for testing.  They seem to work pretty well with my Sony.


            But for client delivery, I recommend using only Falcon Pro.  They are more expensive, but happy clients are well worth it.

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              Thank you. I checked online and the price looks great for testing BD-R disks.