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    Problems with type aligning in CS 6


      I work for a print shop. My colleague is having an issue that I am unable to duplicate on my computer. She has a customer supplied ID document. The customer is doing an effect with type where it is a spot color (a red) and then the same type is on top with a gradient applied. The client sets the type on top to multiply but when my colleague exports to pdf some of the type on the back side shifts slightly so as not to align properly. Here only fix is to set it to overprint which fixes the problem. However, when I do it on my computer (same OS, Mac 10.6.8) it works fine as multiply. When she does it in CC it works fine.


      Obviously, changing to overprint is a good solution but the client is supposed to be sending a lot more work done this way and it would be nice if we didn't always have to change it. I had her trash her preferences in ID. She has reloaded ID. Anybody else have any idea of what could be going on that is causing this?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          Have you tried to export to IDML and reconstitute the file from xml code?


          Have you investigated that particular font as to its type and age and whether or not it might be corrupt or ailing?

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            rstubbie7 Level 1

            Michael, thanks for your reply. I was just going to check the font versions she is using against the ones I am using and stopped because I think she figured it out. It looks like it was a corrupt pdf preset. She made a new one with pretty much the same settings and everything looks good.


            Not sure why that would happen but if someone has a theory I would like to hear it. And I had never had an issue with presets getting corrupt.



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              rstubbie7 Level 1

              Okay, I was too quick to respond. My colleague exported the pdf a couple of more time and it appears that the problem is back. She said it only worked the first time.


              I am going to push for her to clean her font cache as I am still leaning toward a font issue.


              Michael, not sure what you mean by reconstitute the file from xml code.