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    Publishing Across Different Mediums


      This is more of a high-level question than anything.  My company provides education in various formats - and we use the same content in various mediums, mainly print and online.  We currently have a writer develop the content in Microsoft Word, then we take the content and put it into In-Design, and then we have to put it into an online course (spread across many pages using a "next" and "previous" navigation).  We are interested in cutting down all of the copying and pasting and duplicate work.  It is rather frustrating having to duplicate our work, and when we go back to make changes, having to make those changes in multiple places.


      Does anyone know of an optimal way of publishing this content?  Ideally, we would want one place where we can make a change and it will auto-update or we can "push" the changes to those other locations without copying and pasting and reformatting every single time.