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    Flickering when using effects and moving camera


      I am shooting video with a nikon D7000.  Recently editing in Adobe PE, I have been doing more adjustments using effects like shadows, lighting, image control etc.  I have noticed that when using these and moving the camera (on a fluid head), the image ends up flickering.  Has anyone experienced this problem?  Are there any recommendations to eliminate?  My setting are 720 HD videos.  This problem only occurs when using the effects - especially on interior clips.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          The Premiere Elements offers some anti-flicker opportunities for your video.


          In the absence of version details, I will generalize. Select you Timeline video and use Anti-Flicker slider at the bottom of the Motion Panel expanded. For version 11 and 12, Motion Panel will be in the Applied Effects/Applied Effects Palette. In versions of Premiere Elements earlier than 11, the route would most likely be Properties Palette/Motion Panel expanded.


          At the Timeline level, one can right click the Timeline video, select Field Options and then Flicker Removal.


          Please review and let us know the outcome.





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            MaineHomes Level 1

            I am using a one-year old Dell XPS.  PE version 9.  Given this version, I am assuming there is no Anti-Flicker option at the bottom of the Timeline.  I could not find one.


            I cannot not fighure out where the Properties Palette/Motion Palette - is located.


            I did try - Field Options - Flicker Removal and there was no change.


            This is a new problem, and only happens as I mentioned when using effects (which I have been trying more recently) and then only happens when the camera moves (on a tripod).  The movement is very, very slight - a very modest pan.