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    Adobe Premiere Pro w/ Photoshop-like Effects


      Hello, I know I run the risk of sounding like a completely uninformed moronic n00b by asking this, however my girlfriend has been bugging me about it so as we all know what the woman wants the woman gets *except alimony, child support and respect...jk*


      She does modeling and has modeling videos that she provides to agencies, potential employers etc. Shes recently had a baby and has a C-section scar that shes very insecure about...in her photos she easily photoshops it to be lighter in pigment or sometimes covers/erases it completely. So my question is, is this possible to somehow do in Premiere Pro? I told her itd be possible to edit frame by frame, but who has that kind of time, considering a video would be about 30 seconds long, at 30 fps thats 900 still images. I get instant diarrhea just thinking about attempting that task.


      I was hoping there was some type of time saving, easy cool trick that I just dont know about. Again it is a video with her and the camera moving, its not a still image i can just apply a layer to an area of the video and apply to all frames, the scar is a moving target and I must see to it that it, as opposed to her, never works in this town again. Any help would be greatly appreciated, sorry for taking so long to get to the point and for my poorly placed humor. Thank you in advance,



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