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    InDesign CS6 Crash on placing a file on to indesign document  , Crash Report is attached .

    charanseeram Level 1


      Hi ,


      InDesign CS 6 is working fine in Mac mini and in MacBookPro it always crash on placing a file on to InDesign Document .


      Crash Report : http://pastebin.com/fUPiYd0c



      I have tried :


      1) uninstalling and reinstalling CS 6

      2) Using with different accounts including admin

      3)Troubleshooting as below mentioned  :


      a)  Trash preferences   (cmd-opt-shift-control while starting InDesign) "

      Either corrupt preferences (as above), or perhaps the permissions on the folders that contain the preferences are such that InDesign can't properly write to them. ( it sometimes does happen).

      b) Deleting the below folders: Before deleting the below directories/files please take a backup(just for safe).  Quit In Design and  try removing the  following directories/files (InDesign will re-create them at start up):

      ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe InDesign CS5.5

      ~/Library/Caches/Adobe InDesign


      ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign



      ~/Library/Saved Application State/com.adobe.InDesign.savedState


      Note:  The user Library directory is hidden under MacPro/Lion. You can get there in the Finder by holding down Option and then going to the Go menu (other ways are fine too).




      Please let me know if i am missing something .



      Thanks in advance ,