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    Text not wrapping around anchored object

    Red Panda Panda

      Hi again everyone,

      I hope i explain this right and i think it's just something i'm not understanding...


      So i have an icon i'm anchoring in with text (aligned to the right) and for some reason with certain styles it doesn't actually wrap the text around for stuff on the same line. But it will always wrap anything (style wise) that is below it...


      So what ends up happening is that anything on the line i'm anchoring it to that runs through the icon doesn't wrap and you just can't see some of it


      I really don't know what i'm doing but i've checked that "ignore text wrap" isn't checked for the style... and i've checked that it's not a layers issue (those are just the only things i knew to check). There is a 1mm padding/inset on the icon



      Please any help would be awesome, i've attached two images, one of what is happening, and one of what 'should' be happening. If you need any more infor just let me know.


      thanks in advance.


      This is what is happening now....

      icon problem 1.png


      This is what should happen, and what happens when i put the icon on the row above and manually move it down

      icon problem 2.png

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Test wrap for anchored objects is different from wrap on free-floating objects, and depends on the type of anchored object.


          For inline/above line objects wrap affects only text following the object (though it will push the object away from preceeding text on the same line). For custom positioned objects wrap affects only text in lines after the line containing the anchor.

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            Red Panda Panda Level 1

            Thank you for your reply...



            I think i am following you, at least as far as the concept goes, what i'm confused about still is what, if anything i can do about it?


            From what you've said the best thing i can think about is to create a 1pt line that i anchor my object to so that the text on the next line (which is where i would actually like it anchored) will wrap? Is there a bettter way or something else you would suggest,



            Again massive thank you

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              OK, there's really nothing you can "do about it" other than work within the program limitations.


              In your case above, I  would anchor the object at the end of the red subhead. Set the positioning to custom, with the Y-offset relatiee to the anchor position and the x-offset relative to the margin or column. These two values should actually be constants, once you figure out what you need, so they can be added to an Object Style that you apply to the anchoed object (along with the text wrap values). I'd also set a Keep Option inthe paragraph style for the subheading to keep it with the next twor or three lines so you don't have an issue of the icon running off the bottom of a column.

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                Red Panda Panda Level 1

                Thanks for your help Peter.


                You suggesting for the solution sounds good but is a bit labour intensice as the style before (and the style it gets applied to) are not at all consistant so there will be different sized gaps between the text, and also wouldn't work when the text it is being anchorded to occurs at the top of a page. But thank you for offfering up that solution.


                I will keep thinking and see if i can come up with something, it seems a pitty indesign has (at least the way i see it) such a large flaw as i'm sure i'm not the only person coming across this problem


                If you happen to come up with any other ideas and have to time to type them down i would love to hear them, the ones i am coming up with so far are all a bit "complicated and time consuming"


                Thanks again for the help

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Well, you certainly can add it to a blank paragraph (as you initially suggested) before the one where it should wrap. The usueal choice is to set the leading to 0 on that paragraph, and of couse you'll need a Keep With Next option.


                  This isn't a flaw, really. It's a necessity to keep ID from going into a continuous loop trying to recompose the paragraph. Wrapping text before the anchor affects the positionof the anchor on the page, which requires recalculating the wrap, which changes the position and you're in a never-ending loop.

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                    Red Panda Panda Level 1

                    Ahhhhh, yeah i get what you mean, could end up in an endless cycle, again thank you so much for your time and your help

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                      anchored object text wrap issue.jpg

                      I have a really similar issue. The anchored object is before the text on the first line. It is a custom position (since the left part of the object hangs off the edge). If I understand your explanation correctly, there's nothing that I can do about this other than to place the object on a zero-leading line above the rest of the copy. Correct?

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                        PrintHouse Corp.

                        This thing drives me crazy, too. I'd say it's Adobe being lazy here, not a necessity to prevent 'endless loops'. Loops like this can be targeted and prevented programmatically. Just compare text frame height TO anchor placement distance to frame border TO anchor height to prevent the loop from executing altogether. Simple. [rant on] But instead we are being given a QR code generator that nobody gives a [consored] about! [rant off]