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    Missing Titles and Themes menus


      In January 2012 purchased Prem elements 10 and soon afterwards the tutorial DVD by M Jago. Then whilst watching this tutorial, discovered my Prem 10 only displayed one menu under either "Titles" or "Themes" under the Edit menu.


      I was asisted by somebody within aAobe Empire to locate and download these mising menus, and then all was well.


        A few weeks ago, my pc underwent an upgrade, clean etc, now I find these "Themes & Titles" have vanished as the Akamie programme was uninstalled, obviously not realising this was part of an Adobe download.


      Can you again assist me to locate these missing "Titles, Themes" download content again, and is it possible to make a copy to disc, so this situation doesn't happen yet again.


      I have viewed the website but unfortunately unable to locate any downloads for Prem 10 and the "Help" menu checking "updates" states all up to date.



      I'm not very computer literate, so please try and keep reply simple to understand, without techical jargon.