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    PE11 File Import Error, Missing Clips and Crashes




      Every time I try to load a previous .prel file, PE11 can't find it and I have to click on it through an 'open file window'. It then says file import error - it does not recognise the file. Then it pauses for a while and usually opens it up, but many clips are missing, and it does this for all .prel files (the only type of file I have). This whole process is very slow. And then when I try to close PE11, seems to crash every single time. It stops responding and has to be ended with Windows Task Manager.


      Running Windows 7 Home Premium, Pentium Quadcore Process (4 x3.2ghz), 16 gigs of ram, 2GB Graphics card.

      Last week I used PE11 all day everyday to make a music video, and this has been my first time using it. It stopped a lot during playback, even after rendering, but would resume playing again as soon as I clicked play. Other than that, it was working fine and I've made no changes to my system or anything when this trouble started.


      I have a tight deadline and I'm worried if I just start new fresh edit that this error will start happening with that edit too....


      Any help VERY much appreciated.