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    InDesign Won't Export PDF

    G. Fether Level 1

      I'll try to retrace my steps as much as I can in case something here is part of the problem.


      I had a file for work I made on my home computer, a Mac with InDesign 5.5. I brought the file to work on a flashdrive, but the InDesign here is v.5. I downloaded the free trial of CS6 so I could save as a legacy file and keep working. Now it won't export as a PDF. When in the 5 version, the asterisk comes up next to the file name as if it's done the task (and when I right click on the application- work computer is Windows- it shows it made the PDF, but when I click on that, it says it cannot locate it. Trying to export in CS6 now works, though it didn't yesterday... I can just export through there to get the file out, but the CS6 is only a trial and I'll need CS5 to work for me again.


      Also, exporting to a jpeg works with CS5, it seems that PDF is the only one having a problem.


      Any ideas how to fix? Thanks in advance!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Be VERY careful about mixing your versions like that. Don't overwrite the file in CS6 or you'll never be able to open it again when the trial is done if you don't buy a license.


          Also, there are plenty of reports of legacy files opened directly in CS6 that fail in some way, often on export to PDF. Sometimes thay can be fixed by exporting to .idml in CS6, sometimes not. It's always safest for any file you intend to update in a newer version to export first from the original to .idml or .inx, depending on the version, then convert that.

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            G. Fether Level 1

            Thank you, Eugene for your answer. I found the problem page and re-did it. Giving me no problems now.


            Peter, my intention was never to mix the versions, or to even keep the CS6 version (I don't have the authority to spend that much money.) I completely forgot my home verison was more upgraded than the work version, and I only downloaded the CS6 because I knew I could open my 5.5 file and save it as a legacy. This conveniently lets me continue working in the 5 version I have at work instead of taking an hour off to go home and do it there. Thank you for your cautions though! I am usually very careful about my files Also, thank you for your insight on the CS6 verison issues, though I probably won't be upgrading my home set any time soon.

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              G. Fether wrote:


              Thank you, Eugene for your answer. I found the problem page and re-did it. Giving me no problems now.