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    Director MX and Vista strangeness

      some people have already posted about this problem i know, but i can't find any solutions (i'm probably too angry to look properly).
      so... i have Director MX 2004 V10.1 and Vista Home Premium. i've been happily using Director MX to create and edit my files for the last few months. but today it has decided to stop working. i can't drag and drop things from the cast to the stage or the score. i can't move sprites to different channels in the score. and after a re-install i can't even 'break' the cast window away from the score window to re-arrange my workspace. but aside from that, it seems to work ok.

      i've installed nothing new. done no windows updates. no driver updates. i've tried every combination of running as admin, turning off aero, desktop composition etc. no difference.

      can anyone help me please? thanks. +____+ jamie