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    Video in Director

      My problem is that ive got two quicktime movies (h236 compression)
      1 movie is an intro movie 1024 x 768 30 seconds and is 9MB
      the second movie a main presentation video is 1024 x 500 10min12sec and 150MB

      when they play they run really stuttery and not smoothly as normal, im just wondering if there is anything I can do to make this run better???

      as im a bit lost!

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          I'm guessing that the movies work well when played on their own. If this
          is the case then it may just be a data rate problem. Do the movies begin
          poorly and then play well after a second or two? Or do they stutter all
          the way through?

          Digital video members are set to be direct to stage by default, but
          check to see that this is true. Not direct to stage can cause poor

          Having a Flash sprite in the same frame as a digital video sprite can
          also cause poor playback. If both sprite's members are set to be direct
          to stage, the playback might be horrendous.

          If it's all the way through, and there are no Flash sprites in the same
          frame(s) where you are playing the QT file then the data rate for those
          movies may be too high. You may need to recompress the files. It could
          be the video side that's at fault or the audio, or both.

          If the dv sprite stutters only at the beginning, then the problem may be
          that you need to give the QT player time to load the movie. This can be
          accomplished by placing the dv sprite in a few frames before you
          actually need to play it. The sprite can be placed off the visible area
          of the stage and then moved in to position when you want to play it.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert

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            Also, H.264 is a processor-intensive codec. What sort of CPU are you
            running it on?
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              Felt_Graphics Level 1
              it starts quite fast, then starts to run slow when the screen gets a bit more busy!!

              im just wondering if there is any other compression format that you would recommend using in director, as ive tried a few but im a bit clueless!?

              cpu im using is an athlon 2.8 I think, im guessing I just need to render it out using a different codec or format?

              any help