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    How do you automate a list of numbers with specific attributes?


      I was told you can do this but not sure how. Basically I have to label all the racking in my warehouse at work.

      It goes rack#/column/row (ex. 1A1)

      racks 1-3 are 5 high. 4-9 are 4 high.


      racks 1-2 have 22 letters racks 3-6 have 26 letters racks 7-8 have 28 letters rack 9 has 20 letters


      It will end on 9T4


      I've done all the math and it will take 996 pages. I could do it one by one but it would take forever. Is there a simpler way? Each page will be 11x8.5 (landscape).


      I'm using CS6.