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    Help with some transitions


      Hello, i'm trying to do add some transitions to my video. I want to do a intro like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBPV0f6c56s


      I have already written the swords, the texts and the central anime minecraft guy with Anime Studio, but i need to do this 3 things:


      1. Am expanding cirle opening
      2. A light/flash as transition between the first animation and the next logo


      (I have another question, but more difficult: I want to do a sun rays effect from an angle)



      All of these effects-transitions are in the youtube video that i linked.


      Can someone help me with one of these questions?


      I have Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.


      Thank you for the attention.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Herte's your first bit of advice: get Anime Studio.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The circle wipe is just that, a transition. Look in Effects>Transition. I'll give you a clue, a circle has a radius... It's there along with some more interesting effects.


            You can also do a circle transition with a simple animated mask, use a scaled round layer as a track matte or about a hundred other combinations.


            The light burst effect can be done with a simple masked white solid blend mode set to add and opacity keyframes or by searching your effects and pre-sets for light b. You'll find it. Just add it to a solid between your layers, set the blend mode to add and use an animated mask and opacity to bring in the effect. (the yellow thing in the middle is the animated mask that makes CC light burst interesting.




            Same thing can be used for your sun rays. It's just a matter of layering and the shape of your mask.


            Here again, there are dozens of ways to achieve this effect.


            If you're completely lost then start here. This is basic enough AE that you shouldn't really need a step by step tutorial to pull it off.


            Or as dave suggested, get Anime Studio.