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    Moving image affected by a mask


      I am trying to mask an image in Adobe Premiere so that it becomes transparent and we can see only a square of it.


      What I did: I placed a background image on the video track 1, a front image on the video track 2, and I imported a mask image on the video track 3.

      Then I applied the effect “track matte key” to the front image (track 2) and selected the mask image as matte in the effects control options.


      My problem: I want to change the position and scale of the front image along the timeline keeping the mask in the same position and scale, in order to simulate an image moving inside a square and showing around the background image; but when I try to enlarge or move the front image the masking also moves, ruining the effect.


      Question: Is possible to produce a masking in a way that, when modifying the position or scale of the image affected (front image in track 2), the masking area will stay in the same position of the screen and scale as in the original? How to do this?



      Thank you