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    MXMLC Source Path Question

      I am new to doing batch Flex compiles. This is my first attempt. When specifying -sp on the command line the documentation clearly states that you can use wildcards to indicate use the specified directory and all subdirectories. I cannot seem to get this to work. I have tried many ways to do this including -source-path+=com/* or -source-path+=com/*.* etc. All I get is an error message indicating unable to open file "com/*" or unable to open file "com/*.*" (I have also tried to specify the entire path - c:/ ......)

      Note: I have set the current directory to a specific location and access the compiler by specifying its path (\flex_sdk_2\bin\mxmlc.exe)

      1. What is the correct format for specifying wildcards on the command line?

      2. Is it true that -sp is relative to the current directory and not the compiler directory?