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    Feature Requests - audio

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      I'm anticipating the upgrade to Pr CC this month.  I watched the video, and am thrilled with the upcoming new features.  But, I'm still seeing areas for improvement, specifically in the audio domain.


      Currently, the only way to dupe settings is to do it manually, parameter by parameter.  Slow and counterproductive.


      Audio Plug-ins / Inserts: 


      - Save the settings on plug-ins.

      - Copy plug-ins from one track and paste into another (and/or option-drag).

      - Move plug-in in the insert positions in the channel strip by dragging (Changing the order of plugs can have big results.).


      Audio Hardware Preference:


      - Increase the range of buffer options.


      Here's why this is important.  Now, it tops out at 1024.  That's not high enough when using lots of plugs or CPU intensive plugs.  If you've ever heard your audio become choppy after inserting plugs, it's usually because they're spiking the CPU or overloading the buffer.  4096 would be a better maximum.


      Here's the link for feature requests.  I've already filed mine.  If you agree with these productivity enhancements, please join me.






      PS.  I recently purchased a license to what could be an invaluable post-production plug-in, called Zynaptic Unveil.  It's purpose is to remove reverb.  How many times have you pros been given some footage with less than ideal audio?  If you're like me, it's way too many.  Here's the problem:  Just one instance of Unveil is all Pr Mac can handle.  Unveil plus any other CPU challenging plug is out of the question.  Chop City.  That's because of the buffer limitation in Pr (Au has the same buffer limitation.).  I have to export clips and bring into MOTU Digital Performer, which has a buffer max of 4096, and there I'm able to use several instances of Unveil without choppiness.


      I'd like to see Pr get so good at handling audio that taking it to another app is no longer necessary.  It's getting close.  Very close.