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    Premiere cc constantly says 'Media Pending'


      Hi, if anyone could help me resolve this problem I would be so grateful as I have been tearing my hair out trying to fix it.  I was editing wedding footage for a client (the first one I have ever done!) and noticed that as I added more warp stabilisation to my shots, Premiere started getting quite slow and sticky.  Then it finally froze and crashed.  However, uponrestarted it just says 'media pending' and will not play any of the footage.  the worst thing about this is it has affected my auto save files too which do the exact same thing! 


      All the footage is stored on my hard drive on a 2013 Macbook Pro, 8gb ram with no other programs installed and with over 200gb of space free.  I have tried clearing the cache and this did not help.  Previously to this Premiere had been crashing at least once per day and twice even wiped all my footage! (Although I was able to retrieve the majority of it from my last autosave).  This is currently a trial version of Premiere Pro cc.  Any advice or help any of you could give would be greatly appreciated.








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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would file a bug report.


          I am encountering the same thing on windows.

          The more Warp the more slow things get.


          The only thing I can think of is remove all the warp effects.

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            avanishdivya Adobe Employee



            Please try these steps,


            Go to PremierePro<Preferences<media & Uncheck the option for "Write XMP ID To files on import" & then reload the project.


            Check if you are getting better results.


            Which Camera did you use for capturing & do you have the folder structure intact?



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              Maria Bernal-Silva

              I am having the same "Media Pending" issues with licenced Premiere Pro CC on a MAC and have filed a bug report.


              1) Application Not Responding

              2) Sometimes Cleaning Media Cache in Preferences + Clearing it in Library works, sometimes it doesn't.

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                Vinay Dwivedi Adobe Employee

                Hi Bernal-Silva,


                Welcome to the forums!


                Go to Macintosh hard drive/Library/Quicktime and copy all the components, if any, in that folder and then paste them on the desktop. Then try re-launching the project and check.






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                  Tony1983 Level 1



                  Thanks for replying.  I just did what you suggested but unfortunately no difference.  The footage was shot on a canon 7d, 30fps as .mov files with a h.264 codec.  With this uncompressed footage Premiere was really struggling to do anything (never mind let me edit) so I was advised by a friend to transcode the footage to an easier codec (i think it might have been Apple DVCPRO50) but still in a .mov format.  This worked better for a time (with less crashes) but whenever i started adding the warp stabiliser it all fell apart.


                  I had a guy from Adobe controlling my computer for over an hour today trying to work out what the problem was.  He was stumped and advised me to move my footage form the external drive to my hard drive - this worked for a short time before the same problem with 'media pending' occurred and i haven't been able to access the footage since. 


                  I am starting to think i might have to start again with my footage (this will be the 3rd time a serious problem with Premiere has forced to restart my project), could i ask you guys what is the best format to transcode the footage to ensure there is as little strain as possible on Premiere while also retaining the best image quality?

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                    avanishdivya Adobe Employee




                    Please try this,


                    Open Premiere Pro & go to Premiere pro<Prefernces<media & manually navigate to the location where you save the Media Cache Database.(Please close Premiere Pro before deleting the cache) Delete the cache files from the location & then reload the project. You may have to re render the timeline.


                    I have attached a screenshot for your reference Test.png


                    Please dont use the "Clean" option available on that window, rather than doing that manually remove the cache files.

                    Please try the steps & see if that helps.



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                      Vinay Dwivedi Adobe Employee

                      Hi Tony,


                      I have send you a Private message. Please try those steps and check if it resolves the issue or not.






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                        Tony1983 Level 1

                        Hi Avanishdivya,


                        That didn't help unfortunately but thank you for getting back to me.  I noticed there that the codec I transcoded my footage into is DNxHD - could this be part of the problem at all?  Or could you recommend a good codec to transcode my h.264 footage into if the file cannot be recovered and I have to start my project again?





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                          Tony1983 Level 1

                          Hi Vinay,


                          Is this what i should be seeing?





                          Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 21.53.07.png

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                            Vinay Dwivedi Adobe Employee

                            FinderGoMenu.jpgHi Tony,


                            You are in the mac hd library. So, Please follow the steps that I have sent in Message


                            Click on Go option ( next to view option at the top in Mac menu)

                            Select go to folders from the drop down.

                            Type ~/library and click ok

                            Then navigate to Application folder/Adobe/Common and check.






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                              Seglems Level 1

                              Hey! I was googling Media Pending to figure a solution for an endless state in Premiere Proc CC, when this site showed up.



                              I´d just like to share that this might fix it if one encounter that problem (on Mac):



                              1. Close Premiere Pro

                              2. Open Terminal

                              3. Paste: mv ~/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Premiere\ Pro/ ~/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Premiere.old

                              4. Hit enter, close Terminal and retry Premiere



                              This solution should force Premiere to rebuild some settings regarding plug-ins. I´ve worked for days trying to figure this out, and just wanted to share ^^,

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                                JerryTaiwan Level 1

                                It has been quite a while but I just having the same problem .

                                It's solved by move the clips to other folder, relink/relocate the clips and it's done.


                                It happens after cleaning the peaking files in the Romaning folder . 

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                                  Swanson6 Level 1

                                  Hi Everyone,

                                  I was having this same 'Media Pending' issue. as it turns out the jpg files sent via an email were funky, b/c when I imported them in Ps (in another attempt to fix this issue), Ps said this doc. may be damaged (the file may be truncated or incomplete) continue? So I re-sized and renamed the photos and saved as a copy and importing that newer image into Pr cc and didn't get any 'Media Pending' trouble.

                                  This worked for me, as far as jpg files.


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                                    Vi-Dan Level 1

                                    Hey Everyone!!
                                    so since 2013 till 2015 there is still that sh*t media pending problem!


                                    I FINALLY found the solution and i hope it will help everyone with that sh*tty bug!!!
                                    first at all the problem:
                                    > Starting Premiere Pro cc2015
                                    > everything good until suddenly on one point, a random file: generating peak - Files has stopped working

                                    > nothing happens anymore. But u can hear audio, you can save, you can scroll, BUT:
                                    1. some thumbnails are grey
                                    2. just see yellow Media pending Picture
                                    3. if u wanna close Premiere, it will freeze and u have to force close it with task manager + Adobe QT 32 server and Dynamic link manager

                                    then you try everything in a Loop:
                                    > cleaning cache in Adobe/common
                                    > cleaning cache in Media Cache

                                    > you put footage in another location
                                    > import project in a new project

                                    but nothing helps... and u freaked out ...


                                    so i tried to understand why that sh*t happened. it doesnt make any sense.
                                    My workstation > i75820k 6x3,3ghz, 32gb DDR4, gtx 980ti and F*CKING 2 TB SSD !?!
                                    nothing is too slow, nothing ist damaged, so why?
                                    Maybe Blackmagic ursa Prores 444 is to big? and Premiere CC2015 can't handle that format? Especially my projects are HUGE. a lot of footage, a lot of sequences etc. > cause big productions.
                                    And neither BM4k prores 422 nor r3d ever had that problem :/


                                    so long story short:
                                    Just do it like before.
                                    - Clean everything.

                                    - best way, put the footage in a new folder in a new folder or in a new drive. (important premiere needs to search for it)
                                    - open ur project, make sure ur media is OFFLINE

                                    and then ...
                                    - JUST link either single clips OR take 1-10 footage in a raw and link/search it manually!

                                    - save!

                                    and unfortunately u have to do it EVERYTIME when u open ur project.


                                    for me > my solution have worked EVERYTIME since now!


                                    OR just be quick and put all media offline right away, when u open ur project. and link it manually again.


                                    Its such a pain in the a**, but i hope i could help u guys and it works also for you!





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                                      Try this:

                                      If you're project is saved on the creative cloud files folder, re-save your project on one of your local hard drives. Just anywhere outside of the creative cloud files folder.

                                      Does that work?