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    InDesign File created on PC won't open on Mac


      My office is collaboraing with a consultant to create a document in InDesign. We are on PCs and she is on a Mac. We have sent her our .indd files and she is unable to open our InDesign files (not sure if there is an error message or what, I will get more information from her ASAP). Any thoughts on why? Suggestions?


      It is my understanding that the programs are compatible crossplatform. We are running CS2, unsure what she is running, but if opening different versions works the same as other Adobe programs, it would know, and give you a warning, if that were the problem.


      I'll update with more information as I get it, but there may be an easy solution that I am missing.


      We are an architecture firm and have minimal knowledge of InDesign. We only use it every now and then for very basic layouts and have never attempted or needed to share files, so bear with me if there is a simple explaintion!  Thanks.