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    Adobe Design Std 6.0 on OSX 10.8.5




      I have 5 new iMac with 32 GB ram, Adobe Design std., Windows Server 2012 with ExtremeZ-IP.


      When working during the day, they random get the error below, every 5 iMac, Indesign goes down


      Logfiles from OSX 10.8.5


      30/09/13 15.16.28,429 WindowServer[84]: map_shmem_internal : vm_map(3: (os/kern) no space available) : Cannot map memory

      30/09/13 15.16.28,496 Adobe InDesign CS6[620]: bind_window_backing: cannot map backing data shmem

      30/09/13 15.16.28,496 Adobe InDesign CS6[620]: _CGSLockWindow: Unable to lock window


      What can cause that, anyone got some ideas?


      Best regards,


      Allan Berg



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          Dave Burnard Level 1

          Hard to tell from just those three lines, but it looks like InDesign has run out of memory/address space, InDesign CS6 is a 32-bit application, meaning it will run out of memory/address space somewhere around 3.5GB.  Your crash logs/reports will show how much memory InDesign was using when the crash occurred, and you can also monitor memory usage while InDesign is running with OS X's "Activity Monitor" application. In general this shouldn't happen unless you work on *very* large documents, and/or many of them simultaneously. The memory in use at the time of the crash, and an idea of the number and complexity of the open documents are a would be the first step towards figuring out what is going wrong.


          If you are really running out of memory with CS6, perhaps you can open fewer documents simultaneoulsy, split the largest documents into pieces, or similar workarounds. It's possible that there is a memory leak in InDesign or some plugin you may have installed, over time such a leak can accumulate and cause the same type of crash. If you do see InDesign's memory usage growing over time, and staying fairly high even after you close your documents, you may have tripped over a memory leak. In order to cause an out of memory error, though, the leak would have to be pretty serious. Considering how long ago CS6 was released it is likely such a leak would have been found early and fixed long ago, so make sure you're running the latest version of InDesign and any third party plugins you may have installed.


          For the future, InDesign CC is 64-bit app on Mac and can use more of the 32GB of memory in your machines.