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    SPry menu bar help

      I have recently migrated from MS frontpage '03 to Dreamweaver CS3. I must admit , for a novice at WYSIWYG and a complete beginner at the html code, this transition was not as easy as I expected. However after purchasing a few books, and viewing some of the vids of adobe , I finally got the hang of things.

      I am busy designing a school website, using one of the html templates offered by DW CS3 (two coloumns elastic,right sidebar, header and footer). I have inserted a spry horizonal Navigation bar under the banner(which is a jpg). Both th espry navigation and the banner is in the header part of the html template.

      I have encountered three probs:
      1) I cant change the colour of the spry menu bar and its drop down menu. When I look at the code/split view, I do not see any code relating to the color of the menu bar (ie. #999999).

      2) I dont seem to know how to align the spry menu directly under the banner. (there is a slight space between the banner and the spry menu )

      3) Also there is a slight grey space on top and at the bottom of the banner (even after I set the padding to 0px)

      A reply would be highy appreciated Text Text gg
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          OS jediha Level 1
          Hi Zenoneath,
          Possible answers to your probs:
          1. Using the spry menubar, you also are linked to a sprymenubarhorizontal.css (look in your HEAD code), the css is located in the spryassets dir. Read the grey text between the css code and you find your answer to the colors.
          2. Perhaps within the same CSS you can position the menubar exactly. otherwise place the complete menubarcode in a div and give this div a classname and position it within a css stylesheet.
          3. Most likely, using a DW template, your already linked to a specific CSS file wich is combined with the template. In that CSS file you will find the headerdiv, and can change bg color there.

          Looks like it all about CSS... life is simple...sometimes.
          Hope it will work for you!
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            Hi, hans haverlach!
            CSS is good.
            How I can align text "vertically middle" in each button (or all buttons)?
            Horizontally all ok (align left, right, etc.)
            (bacause in some buttons I have two text lines)

            Please help!

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              OS jediha Level 1
              Well you should add this css line: vertical-align: middle;
              in the right class, i'm not sure which one, it's a bit trial and error i guess.
              By the way: in my spry menubars the text is standard aligned to middle (vertically), even with two lines of text.

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                intssed Level 1
                I have try add new Property without results "vertical-align: middle;
                ". All texts ever on the top of buttons.
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                  OS jediha Level 1
                  perhaps you can show me a link to your page, or send the code, so i can have a look at it.
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                    Zenoneath Level 1
                    Hey its me again, thanks for the advice Hans, it worked perfectly, I located the spry css file and changed all the settings accordingly. I have also completed this site, and its no ready for the owners to see.

                    I do not mean to bother you yet again, but I have now been tasked with yet another School, website. This time , however I have been given a photoshop template. Most of the site I have successfully managed to make via dreamweaver and css, but yet again I have more drop-down menu woes.

                    The template I was intended to use, uses photoshop slices, which I have turned into rollovers in the website. The only problem I have now is what to do in order to turn these 'roll-over images' to drop-down menues(such as horizonal spry menues).

                    I am using Dreamweaver CS3 , version 9.0.
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                      OS jediha Level 1
                      I'm glad it worked for you!
                      I think you should use CSS again! You can use the horizontal spry menubar, but in it's CSS file not use the backgroundcolors, remove them, but instead use a backgroundimage (your ps slices), and use a different bg image (the roll over state) in the 'hover' classes in the CSS file. That should work.

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                        About the menu and submenu made with spry extention
                        When you visualize the menubar with I.E.7 you can see the submenu pass perfectly in front of the under space but if you use Mozille firefox or Opera you can see the sub-menu pass behind ....I want meen if you have a image or un object flash under you menubar the sub menu appear behind the image you can see in my web page So I suppose there are an intervention to do in the CSS to get the same position like in I.E.7
                        If someone have an ideaI will thank you very much my web
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                          campanapa Level 1
                          Well the position is absolu the index Z 1010 is work for I.E.7 but not for Mozilla and Opera...........
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                            Zenoneath Level 1
                            I seem tobe having yetanother problem. When java script is disabled, the menu appears exactly as I want it (visually), but when I enable itthe PS slices disappear.

                            perhaps a sample code oculd help?

                            ALso would it be possible to add different backround images to different spry menues, while retaining their name (i.e, when js is disabled, the menu appears as a set of hyperlinks, the submenues are indented, etc...)
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                              Centurum, Inc

                              I'm having a similar problem. I'm trying to use frames with a sort of table of contents in the left sidebar frame. In this left sidebar I'm trying to use the spry menubar and when the submenus show up (IE), they appear BEHIND the center/middle frame. I haven't looked at the code yet, but wondered if anyone might know a "quick" fix for this??

                              I guess maybe spry wasn't meant to be used in/across frame(sets)?

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                                Possibly . . .
                                The use of a z-index (as opposed to x & y coordinates "indices") relates to the "stacking" order of layers. A z-index value of 500 is "closer" to the viewer than a z-index of 400.
                                For example:
                                <li z-index="500">
                                can be written into your code, item by item, with differing values for differing looks.
                                2 is closer to the viewer than 1 & 500 is closer to the viewer than 400, but there is no difference as far as "distance". "500" is as far away from "1" as "2" is, if those are the only DIV's (layers) values you are referencing . . .
                                I'm not familiar with frames - they've been shunned by my mentors.
                                And, I may not be their best student . . .
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                                  adobegator Level 1
                                  do you mind to share your school site with me.? i really want to see it and help you in some parts. In these days i am using div in style sheet and cs3 work great for me in macro media.
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                                    chsajid11 Level 1
                                    to do best work in cs. follow the rule w3 org. i use the cssgarden as best example in css.
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                                      johngfcare Level 1
                                      never looked at the code, wondering some one might know a "quick" fix for this
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                                        Zenoneath Level 1
                                        Thanks for all the help. I have managed to fix everything and will post the url soon.