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    Exporting Captivate Audio, Importing to Presenter 9 does not load published file.


      Hello All,

      Quick back-story. We purchased a monthly subscription to Captive when they announced HTML5 support, but due to the lack of supported devices we also purchased a subscription to Presenter which has a mobile app. A few of our content were created using Captivate now these projects had voice over’s that I had to export and rename the audio files to be associated with the correct slide. I have gone ahead and manually imported each individual audio file to the correct slide in the PowerPoint presentation.

      My issue now is when I publish the PowerPoint (2007) using Presenter 9 the project does not load it just has he spinning arrow. For some reason the project works in “preview mode” but not when it’s published. Is there a way to find the path where the cache preview files are stored?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.