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    Control where the Show/Hide contents link displays?



      In RH10, I'm using the WebHelp to CHM converter to create my CHM output. I use my own CSS file that controls the look of my WebHelp and CHM outputs. I set up my WebHelp options to include the Show/Hide link when a topic from the CHM is called as context-sensitive. Unfortunately with my CSS applied, the Show/Hide link seems to be obscured.

      I'd be happy to modify my CSS, but there is no way (that I know of) to move something via CSS that is controlled by JavaScript. (I can post-process the WebHelp HTML files to change the JavaScript, but that's just not possible with a CHM file.)

      Also, I tried generating the CHM using the HTML Help layout option, but the output ignores a number of entries in my CSS, which makes the display unacceptable. (I can't have separate CSSs for WebHelp and CHM.)