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    Crash Crash Crash


      I have windows 8.  Since getting this system Flash player is always asking for an update or crashing during the middle of games.  I go to update, down load latest version and am told not neccessary.  Active is is disabled and flash is enabled.  Help

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          Mike M Level 6

          This is why I DON'T use Internet Exploder. And it only got worse with Win 8 because Microsoft (in their infinite wisdom) has decided that you and I are "too dumb" to keep our own Flash Player up to date.
          Internet Exploder is for testing webpages to learn what I have to change to make them work.  If you aren't a web desinger, you really have NO USE for it at all. That doesn't mean you can uninstall it, because unfortunately, Windows NEEDS it just to function (pretty pathetic).
          I use Firefox.... BECAUSE IT WORKS.

          Download it, install it, download the Flash Player Plug-in (for All other browsers)  and install it. You'll be pleasantly suprised at how well you can get along without Microsoft's garbage excuse for a browser.

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            pwillener Level 8

            sassylou520 wrote:


            Flash player is always asking for an update...

            Flash Player is not doing such things; more likely you got malware trying to get you to install more malware.