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    is there anything that can be done to improve the UI appearance?


      In web-based apps at this point a UI can be made to look like just about anything. I was wondering how much flexibility there is in the Adobe Lightroom UI?  My client thinks the plugin i am making for him looks ugly in Windows. Also -- I've noticed that things I should be able to do to affect font size on labels, etc.  have no effect. For example, size="mini" doesn't seem to make a font any smaller.

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          areohbee Level 6

          UI flexibility is indeed limited.


          That said, you can use any font on the user's machine. The trick is knowing which fonts will be available on both Mac and Windows (assuming cross-platform plugin).


          Also, there is no way to specify a default font, so you have to include font specifier everywhere you want it.


          I've suggested Lr install some more fonts so plugins could depend on a common set, but so far to no avail.


          That said, your plugin installer could install fonts, then you'd be able to specify explicitly fonts that look nicest to you and/or your client..


          Here are some examples:


                  Font name:      set to named font on your machine, or one of the following:

                                      *  <system>

                                      * <system/small>

                                      * <system/bold>

                                      * <system/small/bold>

                                  or, set to a table with these values:

                                      name = font-family-name

                                      size = {regular|small|mini} - or if that doesn't work, then a number.

                                  or, set to nil to get default font.


                  Examples:       _t.font = nil                                      -- use default font and size.


                                  _t.font = 'Helvetica'


                                  _t.font = { name = "my-custom-font", size = "mini" }

                                  _t.font = { name = "Arial", size = 12 }