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    How do I eliminate gaps betwen uploaded clips?


      How do I eliminate gaps betwen uploaded clips? When I transfer my video from the camera to the PC, it gets divided into clips, sometimes right in the middle of a word.  When I load these clips into Elements 11 there are gaps between the clips.  How do I close up those gaps and get my words put back together?

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          Are you using Window 7 or 8 64 bit for your Premiere Elements 11?


          Are you in anyway dealing with GoPro camera and or Cineform.avi source media?


          What is the camera from which your source media are coming? What is the camera recording set at? How are you tranferring your source media into Premiere Elements 11, Add Media/??? What is being set as the project preset by you or the project?


          The generalization is to right click the gap and click on the pop up "Delete and Close Gap". But, without further details on your specific situation, that is just a generalization.


          Another possibility...are you saying that your camera is producing video with complete scenes, but, once the "intact" video hits the Premiere Elements Timeline or Project Assets, you find your "intact" video split into clips? If so, that could be the doings of the AutoAnalzyer whose options are in the Elements Organizer 11 and need to be turned off there under Edit Menu/Preferences/MediaAnalysis.


          Lots ot consider and review. But, more details, please so we can put this altogether and sort out the details.